23 iyul 2024

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"Skandinaviya Evi"
 The company « Skandinaviya Evi »is a leading supplier of furniture and accessories for a house from such countries of Europe, as Germany, Italy, France and Denmark .

The company is one of the largest suppliers of German and Danish furniture. In the market of elite accessories for a house works since 2006. 

The management of the company maintains partner relations with the European factories and represents last tendencies of the European design.

The company has exclusive contacts to leading world manufacturers of furniture - Danish factory Tvilum-Scanbirk and with the known manufacturer of Danish linen Arctic , whose showrooms are submitted in each European capital. Network of shops « Skandinaviya Evi » is not just furniture and accessories for a house, and also an opportunity for arrangement of your vital space.

« Skandinaviya Evi » believes that each client is a person with his own outlook and individual needs. All activity of the company is directed on their realization

Why it is profitable to bay from us?

Our company – is a young dynamical company, in the beginning of the creation spent a lot of time for adjustment of direct communications with known leading and intensively developing manufacturers of furniture and accessories for a house in Europe .

Thus for today we have well advanced channels of deliveries allowing us operatively for comprehensible cost to offer the clients a wide choice of furniture and things of domestic use.

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