13 iyul 2020

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 Motor oils Aral

Aral: for decades this name has been a symbol of quality and market leadership on the German service station market. The company was founded in 1898 for the marketing of benzene, a by-product of the mining industry. By the 1920s Aral had already established itself as a producer of quality products with the invention of the world's first super fuel as a premium brand, and thereby surpassed the competition.

Today, 98% of the German population is familiar with the name "Aral". The blue diamond, Aral's trade mark, is also recognised at a first glance. This image has become firmly established over the decades as a symbol characteristic for above-average quality, innovation and service: Aral. Alles super!

Aral: More than just fuel
Today, development efforts ensure that performance reserves in engine oils will enable them to withstand extreme conditions, and in addition, will extend the intervals between necessary oil-changes.

In the automotive lubricants sector, the top-of-the-range product Aral SuperTronic 0W-40 was launched with a new formula. It guarantees especially high safety for modern engines, even with longer oil change intervals. In addition, this grade is excellent for modern, direct-injection passenger car diesel engines.

In the field of industrial lubricants, the Aral research and development department concentrated on further improvements in the environmental compatibility and performance of the entire product range. Detailed information about the Aral R&D can be found on www.aral-forschung.de (in German language only).

Detailed corporate information can be found on www.aral.com.

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