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OJSC "Absheron-Sharab"

stablished in Mekhdiabad Settlement in 1967, this Grape Processing Enterprise was reorganized into Absheron-Sharab Open Joint Stock Company in 2003. Having reestablished its activity, the winery presented such sorts of cognacs as “Absheron”, “Baku”, “Kepez” and “Geq-Gel” to the wine-spirits market of Azerbaijan.

With the view of wine production refining the following measures were taken; wine cellar was built, oak barrels as well as glass-enamel and stainless steel tanks were purchased from Europe. For the first time in the history of Azerbaijan Wine making cognac alcohol has been matured in oak barrels placed in a solarium hothouse. Due to these reorganizations, Absheron-Sharab OJSC ranks high in the alcoholic beverage industry of Azerbaijan. Moreover, vintage cognacs produced by Absheron-Sharab such as “Moon Light”, “Moon & Sun”, “Pearl”, “Universe”, “Gilavar”, “Emerald”, “Khezri”, “Diamond” and “Victory” have already won a high appraisal from consumers of our country. Lately, the enterprise has extended its export geography. The exported goods are delivered to Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Vietnam etc.

Since 2008 the equipments for consignment, processing, filtration as well as the bottling line have been entirely replaced by modern facilities from leading European countries and, consequently, meet the world standards. All the above mentioned enabled “Absheron – Sharab” OJSC to produce top-quality products.

Vugar Mickailov, Candidate of Technical Sciences, production manager of “Absheron-Sharab” OJSC, ‘ In the issue of new equipment implementation we declined the old method of hot bottling and went over to cold sterile bottling appropriate to European Standards. Cold sterilization of wine ensures high quality of bottled issues’.

The diversity of European grape varieties as Cabernet, Sauvignon, Saperavi, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Chardonnay as well as local sorts, Medrese and Bayan Shire are used in the wine production. In consideration of the increase of customer demand, we adjusted the production of sparkling wines.

“Absheron – Sharab” OJSC is the first enterprise to produce such world-known Azerbaijan sorts of drinks as Tutovka (Mulberry Brandy), Kizilovka (Cornel tincture), Tarragon tincture, Lemon tincture and Honey tincture with pepper. “Absheron-Sharab” also became a pioneer in liqueur production. Today we produce 100% natural fruit liqueurs of cherry, almonds, strawberry, blackcurrant and peach. During last years, production volume of export-oriented goods has considerably grown. “Absheron – Sharab” OJSC has over seventeen International medals, certificates and diplomas to its credit.

Khalil Ismayilov, Chairman of Stock Corporation, ‘The employees of our enterprise strive to make a valuable contribution to the development of Azerbaijan wine-making by force of high-quality production’.

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