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"Azprod - Azerbaijan Natural Products"
  • AZ 0132, 12, Ramiz Gambarov str., apart. 16
    Tel.:  (99412) 429 94 93
    Fax:  (99412) 429 94 93
    Моb.: (99450) 215 90 88
    E-mail: office@azprod.az
    Web: www.azprod.az

Azprod - Azerbaijan Natural Products

Azprod is one of the global suppliers of natural products of Azerbaijan for multinationals in the foods industry and provide a full range of services from processing to packaging and shipping.

Azprod has a diverse range of product offering that mainly focuses on the export of natural products such as: nuts, dried fruits, fresh fruits, pomegranate juice and other juices, concentrates, olives, vegetables, conserved natural products, medicinal herbs, herbal tea and other natural products.

Azprod provides services to Azerbaijan producers wishing to open new markets for their high quality products and assists to foreign wholesales customers interested in natural products growing and produced in Azerbaijan.






29 March 2011


Several imported agricultural goods exempted from VAT and customs duty in Azerbaijan
27 January 2011

According to decision of Cabinet of Ministers, several imported goods and equipments have been exempted from VAT and customs duty.According to Cabinet of Ministers, these goods include pure-bred bovine animals, sheep, goats, dunghill-hen, leguminous plants, sunflowers, sugar beet, red clover shamrock, forage beet seeds, fertilizer, insecticide, rodenticides, fungicide, herbicide, dryers...

Azerbaijan decreases grain and potato productions
19 January 2011

The prices of agricultural productions in fact made AZN 3.9 bln, in 2010, up 2.2% in comparison to a year ago. According to State Statistical Committee, the production on plant-growing production has decreased by 8.9%, on animal produce increased by 6.1% during the period of report. The growth rate on...

Pomegranate Festival started in Goychay
12 November 2010

Pomegranate Festival started in Goychay region of Azerbaijan today. The festival held for five consecutive years has been organized by the region's administration. About 40 foreign guests attended the festival.The festival featured a fair and exhibition that displayed different varieties of pomegranates as well as various pomegranate products produced by local enterprises. There were also various...

Azersun Holding intends to increase export to Central Asian market
11 November 2010

Azersun Holding Group of Companies intends to extend its export to the market of Central Asia. According to Holding, this issue was discussed at the meetings of company's president Abdolbari Goozal with Uzbek PM and officials. Uzbek PM Shavkat Mirziayev offered Azersun Holding to invest in Uzbekistan. Presently, the experts...

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